Fastag mobile App Download Free For IOS & Android

Fastag mobile App Download
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Fastag Mobile App Download To reduce congestion on the national highways of india National Authority Of India launched two mobile Application named-MyFASTagand FASTag Partner with New Delhi Today to provide the facility for the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Project. By these mobile applications we can recharge or buy FASTag with help of these apps. These apps are available on both the platform like ios and android. In this article we will tell you about these Application in detail… so lets get started

What is FASTag Application?

FASTag is a easy to use , reloadable tag which provude facilityto automatic deuction of cahrges while passing through highways. To reduce congestion on this indian highways National Authority Of India introduced this app to recharge or buyFASTag with the help of this app. With this app user can buy FASTags ( Radio Frequency Identification or RFID cards) by a really easy process. These RFID cards will be delivered to in user in 24 hours of given time.

The government will enable all the national highways and link all the highway with this app. So that all highways will work with this app.  Currently almost 7 lakhs vehicle in India is having active toll tags.

Benefits of FASTagApplication

There are several benefits of this FASTag Application. It saves our time and fuels by the automatic deduction of charges while crossing highways. We don’t need to stop anywhere while paying toll all the charges deduct automatically while crossing highways. We really don’t need any type of cash while travelling. It is cashless process. Customers can recharge or buy FASTags by Credit Card/ NEFT / RTGS / Net Banking. After using FASTags one will receive messages on the registered mobile number. Fastag mobile App Download

How to recharge or buy FASTags?

Through FASTag Application we can buy or recharge FASTags. One must linker their account details like it can be possibly via Credit Card /Net Banking /NEFT /RTG. We can pay via these online payment methods and can buy these FASTags. The minimum recharge amount is 100 rupees and maximum 1,00,000 rupees. While recharging and using FASTags one will receive notification and messages to the registered mobile numbers. Fastag mobile App Download

Frequently Asked Questions about FASTags

Q1. Who is implementing this programme?

Ans. National Authority Of India (NHAI) is implemented this was started in 2017.

Q2. Charges of FASTags

Ans. charges 200 rupees for  one time.Minimum account balance must be 100 ruppes and maximum balance can be upto 1,00,000 rupees.

Q3. How can I pay the toll

Ans. Through FASTag app one can pay the toll. The toll will automatically deduct from FASTagaccount which is linked to any bank account. Fastag mobile App Download

Q4. How may times one can use a FASTag for one vehice?

Ans.  One can only use  a FASTag for one vehicle at only one time. One must use another FASTags for another vehice. One can not use one FASTag for one vehicle.

How to download FASTag Application?

Government released this Application for both the mobile platform like Android as well as Ios.This app is available on both the platform. Fastag mobile App Download

Fastag Mobile App Download

If you want to use this app just follow this easy process –

  1. Go to play store or app store.
  2. SeachFASTag Application
  3. Click on first appeared on the screen
  4. Click on install
  5. Wait for the app to install
  6. You have successfully installed this app.

So in this article we gave you complete information about FASTag Application…. You have any questions regarding this article  do write in the comment section we will try to solve them.

Fastag mobile App Download Free For IOS & Android
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